The effect of boundary conditions on linear and nonlinear waves

6 March 2014
Beatrice Pelloni
In this talk, I will discuss the effect of boundary conditions on the solvability of PDEs that have formally an integrable structure, in the sense of possessing a Lax pair. Many of these PDEs arise in wave propagation phenomena, and boundary value problems for these models are very important in applications. I will discuss the extent to which general approaches that are successful for solving the initial value problem extend to the solution of boundary value problem. I will survey the solution of specific examples of integrable PDE, linear and nonlinear. The linear theory is joint work with David Smith. For the nonlinear case, I will discuss boundary conditions that yield boundary value problems that are fully integrable, in particular recent joint results with Thanasis Fokas and Jonatan Lenells on the solution of boundary value problems for the elliptic sine-Gordon equation.
  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar