Visualizing Multi-dimensional Persistent Homology

6 November 2014
Matthew Wright
Persistent homology is a tool for identifying topological features of (often high-dimensional) data. Typically, the data is indexed by a one-dimensional parameter space, and persistent homology is easily visualized via a persistence diagram or "barcode." Multi-dimensional persistent homology identifies topological features for data that is indexed by a multi-dimensional index space, and visualization is challenging for both practical and algebraic reasons. In this talk, I will give an introduction to persistent homology in both the single- and multi-dimensional settings. I will then describe an approach to visualizing multi-dimensional persistence, and the algebraic and computational challenges involved. Lastly, I will demonstrate an interactive visualization tool, the result of recent work to efficiently compute and visualize multi-dimensional persistent homology. This work is in collaboration with Michael Lesnick of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications.
  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar