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Bookings are currently open for Philosophy Plus Science

Applications are currently open for UNIQ Spring and Summer Schools, and UNIQ Digital

January - Bookings open for Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences

7th January, 8th January, 9th January - It All Adds Up

10th January - Philosophy Plus Science

1st February - Bookings open for Further Maths What Next

8th February - Bookings open for Statistics Open Day

13th March - Further Maths What Next (year 12)

March - Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences

20th March - Statistics Open Day

27th April, 4th May - Mathematics Open Day

11th May - Computer Science Spring Open Day

19th June - Further Maths What Next (years 11 & 12)

3rd July, 4th July, 20th September - University Open Days


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Philosophy Plus Science

Students at Philosophy Plus Science

Date: 10 January 2019

Audience: Year 11 and Year 12 students

What is chaos? What is infinity? Can machines think? The links between Science and Philosophy are broad and deep, extending well beyond the obvious overlaps in logic, artificial intelligence, and ethics. This taster day provides an opportunity to find out more about how science and philosophy intertwine. See how Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics all have one thing in common: Philosophy. This event is an opportunity for students who are considering applying for a joint degree in these subjects, and want to find out more.

For more information and booking see: Philosophy Plus Science Taster Day


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Events, competitions, and some recommended mathematical reading for under 11s.

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From Oxford mathematicians to the Oxford Mathematics Alphabet we hope these posters will inspire you and your students and brighten up your classroom walls.

Oxford Mathematics Alphabet

The Oxford Mathematics Alphabet is an outreach project showcasing the amazing and wonderful research going on at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.