Undergraduate Open Days

Departmental Online Open Days 24 April and 01 May 2021

The 2021 Departmental Open Days were on 24 April and 01 May 2021. These events were online-only, with live broadcasts, pre-recorded content, and question-and-answer sessions with our tutors and current students available on this page. No registration was necessary.

The live sessions were recorded, and the links below will take you to the recording if you want to watch back, or if you missed the live session.

Welcome + Q&A MAT workshop Q&A + next steps
Maths Open Day. Welcome + Q&A. Watch recording. Maths Open Day. MAT workshop. Watch recording. Maths Open Day. Q&A + next steps. Watch recording.

Pre-recorded maths talks, application and admissions advice videos, and links to college virtual tours are available below.


Maths at Oxford

Maths at Oxford

Dr Richard Earl, Director of Undergraduate Studies, introduces the Mathematics courses at Oxford, explaining the structure of the course and the Oxford approach to teaching and learning. (12 min)

The Andrew Wiles Building from the air

The Andrew Wiles Building from the air

Our open day would normally be hosted in the Andrew Wiles Building- we can't be there today, but you can see the building from the skies in this drone video, which was filmed before lockdown. (2 min)

Pure Mathematics

Pure Mathematics

Filmed at our 2019 open days in our largest lecture room, Dr Vicky Neale takes us on a journey through pure mathematics at Oxford, from primes to complex numbers to elliptic curves. Further reading for this talk is available here. (28 min)

Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

This talk by Prof Dominic Vella covers topics in applied maths including the wave equation, brownie recipes, partial differentiation, crispy potato wedges, and a demonstration of eigenmodes that you can try at home. Further reading for this talk is available here. (29 min)


Convergence of a Series

All our lectures have been online for the last year. We've uploaded a few of them to our YouTube channel to give you an impression of what that looks like. In this first-year lecture, Dr Vicky Neale introduces the definition of what it means for a series to converge. (44 min)

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

How do you make decisions when you only have partial information? Prof Patrick Rebeschini describes a problem involving two different random outcomes; which will you choose? (35 min)

Differential Equations

Differential Equations

Dr Tom Crawford, Oxford tutor and Numberphile star, presents the surprising mathematics of differential equations, describing a link from A-level maths to university. (16 min)

Infinity Machines

Infinity Machines

What would it mean for a robot to perform infinitely many tasks? Can an athlete catch a tortoise which has a head-start? Is there a difference between the physically impossible and the conceptually incoherent? Dr James Studd explores. (31 min)

Maths & Philosophy

Mathematics & Philosophy

Information on the Mathematics & Philosophy joint honours course, presented by Dr James Studd, including the structure of the course, and who it is for. (7 min)

Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science

Prof Alex Rogers presents an overview of the Computer Science courses at Oxford, including the Mathematics & Computer Science joint honours course. For a list of recommended reading for Computer Science, click here. (5 min)

Maths & Computer Science

Mathematics & Computer Science

Prof Tom Melham demonstrates the intersection of Mathematics and Computer Science, describing a Haskell program and proving that it works. (19 min)


Admissions and Application Advice

How to Apply

How to Apply

An overview of the admissions process, including

  • Choosing a course
  • Choosing a college
  • UCAS deadline
  • MAT registration deadline
  • What happens next

(10 min)

A-level Policy

A-level policy

Advice for people taking A-levels, including

  • Standard conditional offers
  • What if I don't have Further Mathematics?
  • What if I'm doing 4 A-levels?
  • Maths and Further Maths in series or in parallel
  • Retakes and cancelled exams
  • A-level subject requirements

(10 min)

Personal Statements

Personal statements

Advice about personal statements, including

  • The difference between extra-curricular and super-curricular activities
  • Ideas for questions to ask yourself
  • James describes the contents of his own personal statement

(5 min)

MAT Advice

The Mathematics Admissions Test

How to prepare for the Mathematics Admissions Test, including

  • The MAT syllabus
  • Practice questions
  • Short questions
  • Long questions
  • Other maths

(17 min)

Interview Advice

Interview advice

Advice on preparing for an Oxford Maths interview, including

  • What to expect
  • What tutors are looking for
  • A sample interview question

(8 min)

A day in the life

Day in the Life: Ellie (Maths & Computer Science)

Join Ellie, who studies Maths & Computer Science, to find out what it's like being an Oxford student.

(7 min)

Info for Teachers

For teachers

This video has advice for teachers supporting an applicant, including

  • MAT advice
  • A-level policy
  • IB policy
  • UCAS references
  • Super-curricular maths suggestions

(10 min)

Parents & guardians

For parents and guardians

This video has advice for parents and guardians supporting an applicant, including

  • Why study Maths?
  • Super-curricular maths suggestions

(9 min)


Departmental Prospectus

For more course information, a current list of course titles, and maths puzzles, see our departmental prospectus;

Mathematics Prospectus


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If you'd prefer to browse college websites, you can find a list here; list of colleges offering Mathematics.


Oxford Online Maths Club

Our weekly maths livestream has just started its second season. Every week we're live with interesting mathematics problems, puzzles, mini-lectures, and chat. Find all previous episodes, links to upcoming livestreams, and related further reading, all over at www.maths.ox.ac.uk/r/club.

Oxford Online Maths Club. Super-curricular maths and weekly livestream.


Explore the Maths courses

For a full list of the Mathematics courses we offered in 2019-20, including course synopses, lecture notes, and problem sheets, see the links below. Please note that courses may change in the future.

First year Prelims course details
Second year Part A course details
Third year Part B course details
Fourth year Part C course details

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The University Prospectus has information on every course and every college at the University of Oxford.

The University Open Days on 30 June, 01 July, 17 September 2021 involve every course and every college at the University of Oxford.