InFoMM Core Team

Director: Prof Colin Please

Colin Please is Professor of Applied Mathematics and co-Director of InFoMM. He works on the mathematical modelling of physical phenomena arising in practical problems and interpreting the results into the original context His research takes place at the interface of mathematics with other disciplines primarily engineering, and bio-science. He develops mathematical models primarily using partial differential equations employing asymptotic methods and numerical methods to understand the resulting behaviour.  


Director: Prof Chris Breward

Chris Breward

Chris Breward is the Associate Director at the Oxford Centre for Collaborative Applied Mathematics and co-Director of InFoMM. His current research includes the mathematical modelling of fluid mechanical, industrial and medical problems. Recent problems in these areas include tear film dynamics, organic photovoltaics, surfactant-driven flows and other thin-film flows. Discover more about these on his research page.

Departmental Lecturer: Dr Andrew Thompson

Andrew was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Mathematics at Duke University and a member of the Information Initiative at Duke (IID). His interests are in the mathematics behind the analysis of high-dimensional data in digital signal processing, and he has particular interests in optimization, compressed sensing and image processing. 

Administrator: Laura O'Mahony

Laura is a administrator with experience working in the public and private sector both in the UK and abroad. She has worked for the University of Oxford since 2011 and before joining the CDT Laura worked for the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiatitive (OPHI). Laura is also a trained Archeological Conservator having previously worked for the National Museum of Ireland.

Industry Facilitator: Dr Jonathan Mason

Before going to university Jonathan worked for ten years in the high technology sector in Oxfordshire. He worked on advanced fibre-optic product production technology (whilst at JDSU Corporation) and Excimer laser micro machining (whilst at Exitech advanced laser research). Jonathan received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Nottingham and has research interests in the areas of function spaces and mathematical neuroscience.