Mathematical Bake Off 2014

Mathematics underpins much of our lives. Even time spent in the kitchen. See if you can identify the maths behind some of the entries in our Mathematical Bake Off. Answers below the images.






First row: Penrose Triangle Cake, Recursive Pineapple Cake, Sierpinski Triangle Biscuit

Second row: Penrose Tiling Biscuits, Cake illustrating calculation of area of annulus with just one measurement, Pizza Theorem Cake

Third row: Fractal Biscuits, Prime Knot Pretzels

Fourth row: Multilayer Networks, Taxicab Number Cake

Fifth row: Mathematical Expression Cake, Banach-Tarteski Cake, The 1 Cake

Sixth row: Andrew Wiles Building Cake, Turing Diffusion Cakes

Seventh row: Functional Equation Cake, Hopf Link Cake, Venn Diagram Cake featuring the Banana-Tarski Paradox, Riemann Rocky Road and Zorn's Lemon

Eighth row: Trefoil Knot Filled Bread, Fibonacci Spiral Cake, String Theory Cake