Mathematical Biology and Ecology seminars take place in room L3 of the Mathematical Institute from 2-3pm on Fridays of odd weeks in full term. You can also join us afterwards for "tea and cakes" at 3pm in the Mathematical Institute Common Room.

A sister seminar series, organised by the Computational Biology Group, takes place in Room L3  of the Mathematical Institute from 2-3pm on Fridays of even weeks in full term.


27 April 2018

Classical work of Jeffery from 1922 established how at low Reynolds number, ellipsoids in steady shear flow undergo periodic motion with non-uniform rotation rate, termed 'Jeffery orbits'.  I will present two problems where Jeffery orbits play a critical role in understanding the transport and aggregation of rod-shaped organisms.  I will discuss the trapping of motile chemotactic bacteria in high shear, and the sedimentation rate of negatively buoyant plankton. 

  • Mathematical Biology and Ecology Seminar