Solution of BSDEs: Error Expansion and Complexity Control.

10 November 2016
Camilo Garcia

Backward SDEs have proven to be a useful tool in mathematical finance. Their applications include the solution to various pricing and equilibrium problems in complete and incomplete markets, the estimation of value adjustments in the presence of funding costs, and the solution to many utility/risk optimisation type of problems.
In this work, we prove an explicit error expansion for the approximation of BSDEs. We focus our work on studying the cubature  method of solution. To profit fully from these expansions in this case, e.g. to design high order approximation methods, we need in addition to control the complexity growth of the base algorithm. In our work, this is achieved by using a sparse grid representation. We present several numerical results that confirm the efficiency of our new method. Based on joint work with J.F. Chassagneux.

  • Mathematical and Computational Finance Seminar