The 2017 Problem Solving Squad

23 May 2017
Problem Solving Squad (Roberts, Wechsung, Roy et al.)

Each year Prof. Trefethen gives the Problem Solving Squad a sequence of problems with no hints, one a week, where the solution of each problem is a single real number to be computed by any method available.  We will present this year's three problems, involving (1) an S-shaped bifurcation curve, (2) shortest path around a random web, and (3) switching a time-varying system to maximize a matrix norm.


The 14 students this year are Simon Vary plus InFoMM cohort 2: Matteo Croci, Davin Lunz, Michael McPhail, Tori Pereira, Lindon Roberts, Caoimhe Rooney, Ian Roper, Thomas Roy, Tino Sulzer, Bogdan Toader, Florian Wechsung, Jess Williams, and Fabian Ying.  The presentations will be by (1) Lindon Roberts, (2) Florian Wechsung, and (3) Thomas Roy.

  • Numerical Analysis Group Internal Seminar