Mechanics of Incompatible Surface Growth

30 November 2017
Giuseppe Zurlo

Inelastic surface growth associated with continuous creation of incompatibility on the boundary of an evolving body is behind a variety of both natural processes (embryonic development,  tree growth) and technological processes (dam construction, 3D printing). Despite the ubiquity of such processes, the mechanical aspects of surface growth are still not fully understood. In this talk we present  a new approach to surface growth that allows one to address inelastic effects,  path dependence of the growth process and the resulting geometric frustration. In particular, we show that incompatibility developed during deposition can be fine-tuned to ensure a particular behaviour of the system in physiological (or working) conditions. As an illustration, we compute an explicit deposition protocol aimed at "printing" arteries, that guarantees the attainment of desired stress distributions in physiological conditions. Another illustration is the growth starategy for explosive plants, allowing a complete release of residual elastic energy with a single cut.

  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar