Local homology and stratification

23 February 2018
Tadas Temcinas

I will present Vidit Nanda's paper "Local homology and stratification" (https://arxiv.org/abs/1707.00354), and briefly explain how in my master thesis I am applying ideas from the paper to study word embedding problems.

Abstract of the paper:  We outline an algorithm to recover the canonical (or, coarsest) stratification of a given regular CW complex into cohomology manifolds, each of which is a union of cells. The construction proceeds by iteratively localizing the poset of cells about a family of subposets; these subposets are in turn determined by a collection of cosheaves which capture variations in cohomology of cellular neighborhoods across the underlying complex. The result is a finite sequence of categories whose colimit recovers the canonical strata via (isomorphism classes of) its objects. The entire process is amenable to efficient distributed computation.

  • Applied Algebra and Topology