Ricci Flow in Milnor Frames

18 February 2019
Syafiq Johar

In this talk, we are going to talk about the Type I singularity on 4-dimensional manifolds foliated by homogeneous S3 evolving under the Ricci
flow. We review the study on rotationally symmetric manifolds done by Angenent and Isenberg as well as by Isenberg, Knopf and Sesum. In the latter, a global frame for the tangent bundle, called the Milnor frame, was used to set up the problem. We shall look at the symmetries of the manifold, derived from Lie groups and its ansatz metrics, and this global tangent bundle frame developed by Milnor and Bianchi. Numerical simulations of the Ricci flow on these manifolds are done, following the work by Garfinkle and Isenberg, providing insight and conjectures for the main problem. Some analytic results will be proven for the manifolds S1×S3 and S4 using maximum principles from parabolic PDE theory and some sufficiency conditions for a neckpinch singularity will be provided. Finally, a problem from general relativity with similar metric symmetries but endowed on a manifold with differenttopology, the Taub-Bolt and Taub-NUT metrics, will be discussed.



  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar