Green's function estimates and the Poisson equation

11 November 2019
Ovidiu Munteanu

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The Green's function of the Laplace operator has been widely studied in geometric analysis. Manifolds admitting a positive Green's function are called nonparabolic. By Li and Yau, sharp pointwise decay estimates are known for the Green's function on nonparabolic manifolds that have nonnegative Ricci
curvature. The situation is more delicate when curvature is not nonnegative everywhere. While pointwise decay estimates are generally not possible in this
case, we have obtained sharp integral decay estimates for the Green's function on manifolds admitting a Poincare inequality and an appropriate (negative) lower bound on Ricci curvature. This has applications to solving the Poisson equation, and to the study of the structure at infinity of such manifolds.

  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar