Homological mirror symmetry for genus two curves

1 March 2021
Catherine Cannizzo

We prove a homological mirror symmetry result for a one-parameter family of genus 2 curves (https://arxiv.org/abs/1908.04227), and then mention current joint work with H. Azam, H. Lee, and C.-C. M. Liu on generalizing this to the 6-parameter family of all genus 2 curves.

First we describe the B-model genus 2 curve in a 4-torus and the geometric construction of the generalized SYZ mirror. Then we set up the Fukaya-Seidel category on the mirror. Finally we will see the main algebraic HMS result on homogenous coordinate rings, which is at the level of cohomology. The method involves first considering mirror symmetry for the 4-torus, then restricting to the hypersurface genus 2 curve and extending to a mirror Landau-Ginzburg model with fiber the mirror 4-torus. 

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  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar