A non-existence result for balanced SU(3)-structures on cohomogeneity one manifolds

6 December 2021
Izar Alonso Lorenzo

The Hull--Strominger system is a system of non-linear PDEs on heterotic string theory involving a pair of Hermitian metrics $(g,h)$ on a six dimensional manifold $M$. One of these equations dictates the metric $g$ on $M$ to be conformally balanced. We will begin the talk by giving a description of the geometry of cohomogeneity one manifolds and SU(3)-structures. Then, we will look for solutions to the Hull--Strominger system in the cohomogeneity one setting. We show that a six-dimensional simply connected cohomogeneity one manifold under the almost effective action of a connected Lie group $G$ admits no $G$-invariant balanced non-Kähler SU(3)-structures. This is a joint work with F. Salvatore.

  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar