Self-simplification and 0-1 laws in multiscale reaction networks

29 February 2008
Professor Alex Gorban
Multiscale ensembles of reaction networks with well separated constants are introduced and typical properties of such systems are studied. For any given ordering of reaction rate constants the explicit approximation of steady state, relaxation spectrum and related eigenvectors (``modes") is presented. The obtained multiscale approximations are computationally cheap and robust. Some of results obtained are rather surprising and unexpected. First of all is the zero-one asymptotic of eigenvectors (asymptotically exact lumping; but these asymptotic lumps could intersect). Our main mathematical tools are auxiliary discrete dynamical systems on finite sets and specially developed algorithms of ``cycles surgery" for reaction graphs. Roughly speaking, the dynamics of linear multiscale networks transforms into the dynamics on finite sets of reagent names. A.N. Gorban and O. Radulescu, Dynamic and static limitation in multiscale reaction networks, Advances in Chemical Engineering, 2008 (in press), arXiv e-print: A.N. Gorban and O. Radulescu, Dynamical robustness of biological networks with hierarchical distribution of time scales, IET Syst. Biol., 2007, 1, (4), pp. 238-246.
  • Mathematical Biology and Ecology Seminar