Bridging The Gap

This Bridging The Gap page is mainly aimed at year 13 students who have been accepted by Oxford to read for one of the Mathematics degrees, a joint school or Computer Science. The page contains various material - reading and exercises - covering some of the most important topics relevant to a student about to begin study at university. Some of the material is on a typical further mathematics A-level syllabus, but other topics are also included. Of course, anyone thinking about mathematics at university, or anyone studying further mathematics, or any school teacher is welcome to make use of these articles.

The codings in the notes of M, M+ and M++ determine respectively whether the subject matter is highly relevant, of some importance, or tangential to the first year of the Oxford mathematics courses. Also the questions are graded from (A), the easiest, to (C), the hardest.

If you have any comments about this page, whether they be about errors spotted, or suggestions for future articles, then do please email the Schools Liaison Officer with your thoughts. (there are currently no solutions available for the exercises).

Bridging Material:

  • Induction: in PDF icon PDF format.
  • Complex Numbers: in PDF icon PDF format.

Sutton Trust Lectures

A mini-series of three lectures entitled Numbers and Codes on modular arithmetic, Huffman codes and RSA encryption, given to year 12 students.

  • Lecture 1: in PDF icon PDF format.
  • Lecture 2: in PDF icon PDF format.
  • Lecture 3: in PDF icon PDF format.

Documentation associated with Single A-level Classes

More details of these classes can be found here.

  • Vectors and Matrices : in PDF icon PDF format.
  • Techniques of Integration: in PDF icon PDF format.
  • Differential Equations: in PDF icon PDF format.
  • Complex Numbers: in PDF icon PDF format
  • Induction and Recursion: in PDF icon PDF format.

Documentation from previous Bridging Courses in Mathematics

  • Bridging Course Notes: in PDF icon PDF format.

These notes have now been expanded and revised into a book "Towards Higher Mathematics: A Companion" by Richard Earl, published on 7th September 2017.

Study Guide - How do Undergraduates do Mathematics?

This is intended for incoming first-year undergraduates, but may be of interest

  • Study Guide in PDF icon PDF format.