Oxford runs thousands of free events and programmes every year. Some of them involve maths- read on for a selection!

Years 12-13

MAT livestream

Undergraduate Open Days

There are two Departmental Open Days for prospective undergraduates each year. The Mathematical Institute also runs a programme of talks during the three University Open Days.

UNIQ 2021


UNIQ 2021 is a free digital programme for year 12 state school/college students who want to learn more about Oxford and the courses here, including Mathematics. During the course you will learn about a variety of interesting mathematical topics, work on problems at your own pace in preparation for a mock tutorial, and get advice on preparing for the Oxford admissions process, including advice on the Mathematics Admissions Test and interviews. It's free to apply for UNIQ. Places on UNIQ are prioritised for students who live in areas where relatively few people progress to higher education and who come from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Watch the video above to hear what previous UNIQ students have to say about it!

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Oxford Online Maths Club

OOMC www.maths.ox.ac.uk/r/mat
Oxford Online Maths Club - weekly livestreams and maths content



PROMYS Europe is a mathematics summer programme to encourage mathematically ambitious students aged 16+ to explore the creative world of mathematics. Participants (who come from across Europe) tackle fundamental mathematical questions within a richly stimulating and supportive community of fellow first-year students, returning students, undergraduate counsellors, research mentors, faculty, and visiting mathematicians.  Past guest lecturers have included Professors Sir Andrew Wiles, Sir Roger Penrose, Ben Green and Simon Singh.

This year, PROMYS is running as a 4-week online program that anyone who is at least 16, pre-university, and ordinarily resident in Europe can apply for. The programme itself consists of intensive work on an assortment of challenging problems in Number Theory, with support and collaboration with mentors, returning students, and with undergraduate counsellors. The application process involves some tricky maths problems, which are worth having a go at just for fun, whether or not you decide to apply for the programme. Applications were open until 14 March 2021. PROMYS Europe is a partnership of PROMYS, Wadham College and the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, and the Clay Mathematics Institute.

Problem Solving Matters

logo for Problem Solving Matters

This problem-solving course is for Year 12 students from state-funded schools, academies and colleges who are interested in applying for places at Oxford University, Imperial College, Durham University or Warwick University to study Mathematics.

Students applying for places to study Mathematics or Computer Science courses (including joint honours) at Oxford University and any Mathematics undergraduate course at Imperial College, London will be required to sit the Mathematics Admission Test (MAT) as one part of the admissions process. Students applying for Mathematics at Durham University or Warwick University may be required to sit the MAT or the Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA).

This course is designed to prepare students for the way they will have to think to achieve success in the MAT, TMUA and other problem-solving mathematics examinations by developing their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills.

Applications for the 2021 course are now closed, but will reopen in March 2022 for the 2022 course.

Applications to the course will be prioritised according to socio-economic and educational disadvantage. Applicants will be notified after this date if they are successful in gaining a place on the course. In the meantime, there are many excellent free online resources to help you develop problem solving skills. Please see the Maths Admissions Test page for links and resources.

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It All Adds Up

Date: January 2022
Audience: Girls in Year 9 (day 1), Years 10-11 (day 2) and Years 12-13 (day 3)

It All Adds Up are three separate one day conferences for girls interested in maths. The days consist of a mix of workshops and lectures, aiming to inspire the attending students to continue with mathematics. The days are free to attend.

Philosophy Plus Science

Philosophy Plus

Date: 15 January 2021

Audience: Year 11 and Year 12 students

What is chaos? What is infinity? Can machines think? The links between Science and Philosophy are broad and deep, extending well beyond the obvious overlaps in logic, artificial intelligence, and ethics. This taster day provides an opportunity to find out more about how science and philosophy intertwine. See how Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics all have one thing in common: Philosophy. This event is an opportunity for students who are considering applying for a joint degree in these subjects, and want to find out more.

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Years 9-11

Oxford Pathways

Oxford Pathways logo

The Pathways Programme is an initiative coordinated by the Colleges of the University of Oxford, with support from the Sutton Trust, for year 10 to year 13 students. Although not solely maths-focused, the programme aims to provide information, advice and guidance on higher education and Oxford to academically able students, and staff members, in non-selective state schools with little history of student progression to Oxford. All of their events are free. Different events are run for different ages: Year 10 Taster Days,  Year 11 Investigating Options, and Year 12 Study Days.

UKMT Team Maths Challenge

UKMT logo

The UKMT organises the Team Maths Challenge for pupils in Year 8 and Year 9 (and equivalent). A team consists of four pupils, and teams should have no more than two pupils from the upper age group. Regional Finals are held throughout the country (the Mathematical Institute hosts the Oxfordshire Regional Finals) and qualifying teams from the Regional Finals will be invited to compete at a one-day National Final held in London.

Oxfordshire Mathematics Masterclasses

Our mathematics masterclasses are designed to encourage, inspire and engage young people in the art and practice of mathematics. These highly interactive sessions introduce students to aspects or applications of maths which are not usually covered in the school curriculum. 

The Mathematical Institute runs Mathematics Masterclasses for students from Years 9-11. Teachers at local state schools will receive a pack each October asking them to nominate students in Year 9 for the classes, which run on Saturdays in the spring (usually January to March). If you are a local teacher and would like to be the named contact for your school, please get in touch. Participants are then invited back in Year 10 and Year 11.

Please contact with any enquiries.

It All Adds Up

Date: January 2022
Audience: Girls in Year 9 (day 1), Years 10-11 (day 2) and Years 12-13 (day 3)

It All Adds Up are three separate one day conferences for girls interested in maths. The days consist of a mix of workshops and lectures, aiming to inspire the attending students to continue with mathematics. The days are free to attend.


Just Add Imagination

For parents and carers looking for science and maths-based activities to do with their young person, Oxford Sparks has developed a fantastic set of resources developed by students and academics at the University of Oxford. From designing the ultimate paper aeroplane to teaching a computer to doodle, each activity comes with a list of items needed, talking points, and further resources. Visit Just Add Information for more information.


Oxplore is an innovative new digital outreach portal from the University of Oxford. As the ‘Home of Big Questions’ it aims to engage those from 11 to 18 years with debates and ideas that go beyond what is covered in the school classroom. Big questions tackle complex ideas across a wide range of subjects and draw on the latest research undertaken at Oxford. Oxplore aims to raise aspirations, promote broad thinking and stimulate intellectual curiosity.

Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures and Events

Below are listed upcoming public lectures and events at the Mathematical Institute. Click through into this section for a more detailed listing of all such events and also links to some public lectures online.

Oxford Mathematics Alphabet

The Oxford Mathematics Alphabet is an outreach project showcasing the amazing and wonderful research going on at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.


International Mathematical Union poster
From Oxford mathematicians to the Oxford Mathematics Alphabet we hope these posters will inspire you and your students and brighten up your classroom walls.