Past Algebra Seminar

14 June 2011
Benno Kuckuck

Direct products of finitely generated free groups have a surprisingly rich subgroup structure. We will talk about how the finiteness properties of a subgroup of a direct product relate to the way it is embedded in the ambient product. Central to this connection is a conjecture on finiteness properties of fibre products, which we will present along with different approaches towards solving it.

24 May 2011
Prof. V. Bavula

In 1968, Dixmier posed six problems for the algebra of polynomial

  differential operators, i.e. the Weyl algebra. In 1975, Joseph

solved the third and sixth problems and, in 2005, I solved the

  fifth problem and gave a positive solution to the fourth problem

  but only for homogeneous differential operators. The remaining three problems are still open. The first problem/conjecture of Dixmier (which is equivalent to the Jacobian Conjecture as was shown in 2005-07 by Tsuchimito, Belov and Kontsevich) claims that the Weyl algebra `behaves'

like a finite field. The first problem/conjecture of

  Dixmier:   is it true that an algebra endomorphism of the Weyl

  algebra an automorphism? In 2010, I proved that this question has

  an affirmative answer for the algebra of polynomial

  integro-differential operators. In my talk, I will explain the main

  ideas, the structure of the proof and recent progress on the first problem/conjecture of Dixmier.