Work Place Temperature Management


Should you wish to monitor the temperature in the workplace for a test period please contact the who can provide you an electronic thermometer that can also record maxiumum and minimum temperatures.

When it is cold

Minimum workplace temperature

The temperature in indoor workplaces is expected to be at least 16°C one hour after work has started unless the work involves severe physical effort, when 13°C is the minimum. The minimum temperatures do not apply to unoccupied rooms.

Guidance on use of additional heating

The Andrew Wiles Building is a new energy efficient building and additional heaters are not generally required or provided. As noted above if there is an issue with the temperature of a room please report it to facilities-managment for further investigation.

You may also wish to see the information on building heating in the building user guide.

When it is hot

Maximum workplace temperature

Whereas there is clearly defined guidance on an acceptable minimum temperature the guidance for a maximum temperature is less specific. Instead the guidance implies during working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall ensure reasonable comfort without the need for special clothing.

The feedback within the department over many years tends to indicate some people start to find it uncomfortable to work in an office where the temperature exceeds 30°C. For naturally ventilated new buildings (including the Andrew Wiles Building) one would expect the workplace temperature not to exceed 28°C for more than 1% of the annual working hours.

Guidance on use of additional cooling

Before resorting to fans or air conditioning consider opening the window. In most cases having an open window and office door will draw sufficient air through the office to keep the temperature at a workable level.

Working in a heatwave

Also see the University guidance on working in a heat wave.