Being a 'buddy' to a new student

We run a departmental 'buddying' scheme for incoming DPhil students.  The aim is to assign an existing DPhil student as 'buddy' for each incoming DPhil student, so that the new students can email someone before they arrive if they have any questions, and so that those already in Oxford can help to make new colleagues welcome.  Each new student is usually paired with a 'buddy' in a similar research area.


The scheme has been very positively received:
"I found it valuable. My buddy talked to me a couple of times ... that was enough to sort out various practical questions I had about being a DPhil student here."
"It [is] a very good initiative. I did not use [my buddy] much, but I liked to know he was here for me in case I needed [him]."
(quotations from online survey, 2016)


The time commitment is not large (usually a few emails before the start of term and meeting the new student in the first few days after they arrive), but it can make a big difference for someone coming to Oxford for the first time.


If you would be willing to be a buddy for an incoming DPhil student, please email, or watch out for the annual email circulars!