Travel and Conference Grants

With effect from 1 August 2016 research students will be entitled to £2000 towards travel to conferences during their 3.5 years of study. To offer more flexibility than in previous years, students will be able to use this funding as and when this is required, and there will no longer be a cap on annual funding.  In addition to this, up to £250 in total per student is available from the Skills Training fund, for example if the student is making a presentation of their work.

Applications should always be made in advance of any travel and will need the support of the student’s supervisor.  Forms for this purpose can be found  here PDF icon Application for travel funding.pdf .  If an application is not made in advance reimbursement cannot be guaranteed as funds may be exhausted.  In exceptional circumstances a case for retrospective reimbursement may be made. Original itemised receipts need to be submitted with the claim form for any reimbursement that is being claimed. It is possible to make multiple claims for one trip, i.e. claim for flights prior to travel (as long as a receipt/booking confirmation is available). All remaining claims can be made after travel as soon as receipts are available. The University Financial Regulations and the Expenses and Benefits Guide can be found at 

and .

In addition to travel and conference costs, students may also apply for the reimbursement of reasonable costs arising from their transferable skills training programmes.

The University’s travel insurance should always be used when making trips within the UK or abroad.  Medical cover is not available for trips within the UK but all other sections of the insurance are provided. Please see link for information on the University’s travel insurance.