Automatic away, Out-of-Office or Vacation Message

How do I set an automatic away or vacation message?

This feature is often known as an out-of-office auto-reply message and allows you too set an away message that automatically replies to people who send you messages when you are out of the office for an extended period of time. This auto-reply message is sent to each recipient only once, regardless of how many messages that person sends you during the designated vacation period.

Step-by-step guide


To create an away message:

  1. Log in to the web interface using one of the addresses above.
  2. Click the Preferences tab.
  3. Click on Out of Office in the preferences panel on the left to reveal the relevant settings.
  4. Check Send auto-reply message.
  5. Enter the message to be sent in the text box.
  6. Check Time Period and then set the start and end dates for the auto reply to be active.
  7. Click the Save button near the top left.