Restricting Access to Webpages with .htaccess

When a computer somewhere in the world asks the webserver for a document in a particular directory, the webserver first looks in that directory and all others above it in the directory hierarchy for files called .htaccess. These files tell the webserver whether a particular computer/user is allowed to have the webpage it wants. Note that .htaccess does not protect individual pages, but whole directories and all of their subdirectories.

Background Jobs

My program's going to take a long time. How do I leave it running when I'm not logged in, and how can I find out if it's finished when I log in next?


Compilers Available

    • gfortran - GNU FORTRAN 95 compiler
    • g95 - FORTRAN 95 compiler
    • ifort - Intel FORTRAN compiler
  • C
    • gcc - GNU C compiler
    • icc - Intel C compiler
  • C++
    • g++ - GNU C++ compiler
    • icpc - Intel C++ compiler
  • Pascal
    • ppcx64 - free pascal compiler

Debuggers Available

  • gdb - GNU debugger

The Autonicer

What's the Autonicer and why does it keep e-mailing me.

On the generally available computational machines, it isn't nice to hog all the processor and memory and deny other users the facility, so on such machines an autonicer monitors user's jobs. If a job is running for a set amount of time the autonicer will automatically renice the job until it reaches a maximum nice level of 19. The owner will receive an e-mail informing them of the jobs nice level when it has been changed.


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