Prospective students

The Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (OCIAM) take around 4-8 students each year to study for the DPhil (PhD) in Mathematics.  Some of these are studying for a standard DPhil, whilst some are housed within a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT), which provide additional first-year training and a specific research theme.


Tissue Engineering

There is an increasing need for replacement tissue and organs as a result of trauma, disease or simply old age. Due to the chronic shortage of available donors, tissue engineering (the cultivation of transplantable human tissue) is becoming a vital avenue of research. However, the complexity of the systems required and high associated cost mean that progress to date has been limited and hence mathematical modelling of the processes involved promises to be of great benefit. There are a number of tissue engineering projects underway in OCIAM.


Mathematical Finance

Limit order books


The main focus of our research is creating models of limit order trading [1] in foreign exchange spot markets, where trades are conducted via bilateral trade agreements (rather than through a central counterparty).  Under such a set-up, market participants are only able to trade with the subset of other market participants with whom they are bilateral trading partners.


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