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We generally expect students who have the opportunity to take Further Maths A-level to do so, although we understand that some students may only discover a love of mathematics in Year 12 and so only be able to take Further Maths to AS-level. We have some extension material for Single A-level Mathematicians, however we do strongly recommend that students intending to study Mathematics at the University of Oxford take Further Maths as a full A-level.

If your school schedules maths lessons such that you study a full Maths A-level in Year 12 and a full Further Maths A-level in Year 13, we will accept the grade obtained in the Maths A-level as part satisfying the offer.

The table below shows our standard A-level offers for Mathematics and joint honours courses.

  Standard offers for Mathematics, for Mathematics and Statistics, and for Mathematics and Philosophy Standard offers for Mathematics and Computer Science
If you're taking a full A-level in Further Maths A*A*A with A* in Maths and A* in Further Maths A*AA with A*A in Maths and Further Maths in either order
If you're taking Further Maths to AS-level only A*AAa with A* in Maths and a in Further Maths AS A*AAa with A* in Maths and a in Further Maths AS
If you're not taking Further Maths A*AA with A* in Maths A*AA with A* in Maths

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Other qualifications

For advice on other UK qualifications, please see this page.

For information on other international qualifications, please see the University of Oxford's list.

All non-native English speakers must satisfy the University of Oxford's English language requirements. There is an exemption from this requirement for anyone who has been educated full-time in the medium of the English language throughout the two most recent years before the 15 October application deadline, and who will remain in full-time education conducted in the English language until the end of the school year in their home country.

Scottish Highers

AAAAB or AAAAA in Scottish Highers and at least two Advanced Highers. We would expect Mathematics to be taken to Advanced Higher level. Applied Mathematics is useful but not essential. If both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are taken we would require A grades in both. Otherwise, depending on the number of Advanced Highers taken, the offer will be AA or AAB with A in Mathematics.

International Baccalaureate

39 including core points with 7,6,6 at Higher Level and a 7 in Higher Level Maths. We will accept candidates who are taking either of the new IB Mathematics courses (HL Mathematics: applications and interpretation or HL Mathematics: analysis and approaches), without preference between the two courses.

American qualifications

We are aware that SAT subject tests have been discontinued in the US with immediate effect, but that they will still be offered for international students in May and June 2021. We understand that this change is outside the control of our offer holders and ask that those who are adversely affected by this decision to contact their college for further guidance. We are conducting a  full review of our requirements for US qualifications which is due to conclude in early June. It is likely that the University will require AP subjects in subjects related to the chosen course of study. Any updates will be posted here.

Oxford will accept both the old-system and the redesigned SAT. Candidates should achieve one of the following;

  • The redesigned SAT with a total score of 1,470 (out of 1,600). We do not require the optional essay in the redesigned SAT.
  • The old-style SAT reasoning test with a test date prior to, or including, January 2016, with at least 1,400 in Critical Reading and Mathematics, and 700 or more in Writing, giving a combined score of at least 2,100 (out of 2,400)
  • ACT with a score of at least 32 out of 36.

Candidates should also achieve one of the following;

  • Grade 5 in three or more Advanced Placement Tests in appropriate subjects
  • SAT Subject Tests in three appropriate subjects at 700 or better.

A combination of APTs and SAT Subject Tests (or other equivalent qualifications) is also acceptable, if they are in different subjects. Relevant subjects include AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and the SAT Subject Test in Mathematics. Note that because the SAT Subject Test in Mathematics contains no calculus we consider this and AP Calculus to be separate subjects.

You do not have to have achieved these grades prior to applying

Deferred entry

Deferred entry applications in Mathematics, its Joint Schools, and Computer Science will be considered from applicants who have planned structured activities in their gap year; activities might include technical employment relevant to Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science, teaching abroad or a gap year programme. If uncertain, applicants should raise any questions with the tutors at their chosen/allocated college; tutors may discuss details of the gap year during interviews. After discussion with the candidates, some deferred entry applicants may be offered an immediate place instead. There is no policy for making more demanding offers to candidates seeking a deferred offer. Tutors will typically set successful gap year applicants academic work to be completed during the year or the summer before their first term in Oxford. 

A-levels taken early, UMS, and resits

We would generally discourage schools and students from sitting A-levels early (earlier than Year 12) unless the student is very confident of achieving top grades. When applying with existing A-level grades that are lower than our offer, candidates should be aware that their application will be less competitive as a result of this. 

The University of Oxford does not require you to disclose UMS marks on your UCAS form. However, if the student or teacher wishes to include this information (perhaps due to exceptional achievement), tutors will consider this as part of the overall academic achievement of the student. 

We would prefer not to see resits in exams. The primary method of assessment at the University of Oxford is by examination, and there are very limited opportunities for resits. However, if there are contextual or extenuating circumstances for dropped grades please let us know in the teachers' reference.

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