Forthcoming Seminars

Please note that the list below only shows forthcoming events, which may not include regular events that have not yet been entered for the forthcoming term. Please see the past events page for a list of all seminar series that the department has on offer.

Past events in this series
1 February 2018
Renaud Lambiotte

In this talk, I will present some recent results exploring the connections between dynamical systems and network science. I will particularly focus on large-scale structures and their dynamical interpretation. Those may correspond to communities/clusters or classes of dynamically equivalent nodes. If time allows, I will also present results where the underlying network structure is unknown and where communities are directly inferred from time series observed on the nodes.


  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar
7 February 2018
Michael Bonsall

In this talk Michael Bonsall will explore how we can use mathematics to link between scales of organisation in biology. He will delve in to developmental biology, ecology and neurosciences, all illustrated and explored with real life examples, simple games and, of course, some neat maths.

Michael Bonsall is Professor of Mathematical Biology in Oxford.

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