Foreign Travel

Travel Insurance for University Staff and Students

The University has a scheme to provide cover for the employee/student and their personal belongings while travelling on University business. Full details of the scheme (and policy coverage /exclusions) can be found on the University insurance web site.

Note that cover under the policy is subject to the following conditions:

  • All cover is granted for travel on University business only
  • Cover is based on departure from and return to the UK
  • Cover can also apply for travel within the UK
  • All travellers must meet the requirements of the University Safety Office
  • In some circumstances a full risk assessment must be completed by the traveller and approved by Head of Department in accordance with the Safety Office requirements, for example, if travel is proposed to an area where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel. A risk assessment may also be required in relation to disabilities or medical conditions. If your travel could be deemed to be medium or high risk, please seek early advice from Sally Mullins.

As noted above, cover is also dependent on complying with the advice given on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel website.

How to apply for cover

If you wish to apply for insurance cover under the scheme please complete the travel insurance application web form (found at and submit it for approval.

Please allow a minimum of 5 working days for your application to be processed and longer if a risk assessment is required (contact Sally Mullins for likely timescales for medium-high risk travel).  

It is important to note that cover will only be in place once you have received email confirmation that your application has been approved. Cover is not automatic and you should not assume that you are covered simply because you have submitted the electronic form.

If you are a student, your application will require supervisor approval. Please upload an email from your supervisor to the ‘risk assessment’ section of the online form confirming their approval before you submit your application.

Colleagues who are college-only employees will not normally be covered under the university’s travel insurance policy, and should seek appropriate insurance cover from their college in good time before they travel.

Any university user with an SSO (single sign on) login can create a travel insurance application. Staff who provide administrative support to other colleagues can make an application on their behalf.