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26 January 2021
John Papadopoulos

Topology optimisation finds the optimal material distribution of a fluid or solid in a domain, subject to PDE, volume, and box constraints. The optimisation problem is normally nonconvex and can support multiple local minima. In recent work [1], the authors developed an algorithm for systematically discovering multiple minima of two-dimensional problems through a combination of barrier methods, active-set strategies, and deflation. The bottleneck of the algorithm is solving the Newton systems that arise. In this talk, we will present preconditioning methods for these linear systems as they occur in the topology optimization of Stokes flow. The strategies involve a mix of block preconditioning and specialized multigrid relaxation schemes that reduce the computational work required and allow the application of the algorithm to three-dimensional problems.

[1] “Computing multiple solutions of topology optimization problems”, I. P. A. Papadopoulos, P. E. Farrell, T. M. Surowiec, 2020,


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