InFoMM Research Projects

Students are currently working on the following research projects. Click on each project to view the current research and publications for each project.

BP: Modelling the use of dispersants on oil spills

Dunnhumby: Clustering (“community detection”) in product-purchase networks

Dunnhumby: Stochastic control for retail applications

Elkem: Mathematical evaluation of optimal design of silicon furnaces

Elkem: Microstructure modelling in solidification of silicon

Multiscale modelling of bean roasting and coffee processing

PDS: Modelling and Computation for Petroleum Systems in Basins with Complex Structural Geometries 

USACE: High Resolution Computational Wave Flume

USACE: Scalable Two-Phase Flow Solvers

Verderg: VETT hydrodynamics 

NAG: Derivative-Free Optimization Algorithms