Oxbridge PDE Conference 2015

Monday 23 March and Tuesday 24 March 2015 - Mathematical Insitute, Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford

The fifth annual two-day conference held alternately in Oxford and Cambridge, focusing on analysis and PDE. 

Grégoire Allaire (L’Ecole Polytechnique)
Geometrical constraints in the level set method for shape and topology optimization
Yoshinori Morimoto (University of Kyoto)
Recent topics on the non-cutoff Boltzmann equation
Panu Lahti (Aalto University)
On some pointwise properties of functions of bounded variation on metric spaces
Jan Kristensen (University of Oxford)
The Morse-Sard theorem, generalized Luzin property and level sets for Sobolev functions

There will also be talks given by Jan Sberski (University of Cambridge) and Siran Li (University of Oxford).

Amit Einav (University of Cambridge)
Between Functional Inequalities and Cercignani’s Conjecture
Angkana Ruland (University of Oxford)
Carleman estimates for the variable coefficient thin obstacle problem
Emanuele Spadaro (Max Planck Institute)
An epiperimetric inequality for the thin obstacle problem
Clément Mouhot (University of Cambridge)
Commutating the mean-field and classical limits of quantum mechanics

There will also be talks given by Anton Mühlemann (University of Oxford) and Sara Merino (University of Cambridge).

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