Travel and Conference Grants

With effect from 1 August 2016 research students will be entitled to £2000 towards travel to conferences during their 3.5 years of study (to be reviewed in two years).  To offer more flexibility than in previous years, students will be able to use this funding as and when this is required, and there will no longer be a cap on annual funding.  In addition to this, up to £250 in total per student is available from the Skills Training fund, for example if the student is making a presentation of their work.

Consultative Committee for Graduates

The Consultative Committee for Graduates (CCG) meets once each term, usually in 4th week. The Director of Graduate Studies chairs the meeting.

  • The CCG elected members for 2016/17 (see their profile pages for pictures and more info on each person) are:

CCG Standing Orders

There shall be a Consultative Committee with Graduates members reading for higher degrees, and the Directors' of Graduate Studies. There should be at least three junior representative from the DPhil in Mathematics and one junior representative from each taught MSc course and CDT offered by the department.

First Aid

We hope you never, ever have any accidents or mishaps here, but if you do, the first aiders listed below are here to help.

Teaching & Meeting Rooms & Communal Spaces

Please remember that the office space has in general been declared as VAT exempt and hence teaching may not occur in offices. Tutorials should generally be held in colleges where suitable space is provided. University classes are generally to be held in the mezzanine teaching space. If there are issues where this is problematic please seek further advice from the Director of Administration & IT.


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