Request System

An e-mail addressed to or gets sent to all the IT team as well as the request tracking system (several other addresses also generate tickets, e.g. for account extensions or security updates etc). The IT team then deal with the tickets and monitor the progress using the RT request tracking system. The IT team have run a ticket request system since August 1996. The current system from which the statistics below are compiled came into service on 8/11/2005.

Regulations for use of IT facilities in the Mathematical Institute

The Mathematical Institute's computer network is provided for the use of staff and students in the course of their work for the Department.

All use is subject to the University regulations.

Note that these rules may change from time to time. The following additional conditions apply to the use of equipment and network connections in the Department (regardless of ownership), and take precedence over the general University regulations.

Considerations if using Institute equipment to conduct your personal financial affairs

Here are a few points that should make you think twice before considering using Institute computing equipment as a medium over which to conduct your personal financial affairs. Many of these points are equally applicable to using public computing locations such as Internet cafes or public libraries.

Oxford University Final Honours Schools 2007

Mathematics Part C

Supplementary Notice to Candidates taking the philosophy option: Rise of Modern Logic

The purpose of this notice is to clarify the deadline for the submission of the 5000 word essay required in addition to the three-hour examination for the Part C option `The Original Authorities for the Rise of Modern Logic'. The deadline for submission of this essay is noon on Friday of the first week of Trinity Full Term 2007.

Oxford University Final Honours Schools 2006

Mathematics Part C

Third Notice to Candidates


The use of calculators is forbidden except for papers C8.1, C8.1a (Mathematics and the Environment), C8.1b (Mathematical Physiology) and C9.1b (Elliptic Curves).

The Examiners have approved for use in these exams any of the following basic scientific calculators:


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