Stochastic Analysis

The Stochastic Analysis Group is part of the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. It also has members in the Statistics Department.


The interests of the group are diverse: stochastic analysis, rough path theory, Schramm-Loewner evolution, mathematical population genetics, financial mathematics. See individual members pages for further information on particular members' interests.

OxPDE Visitors

Visitors Programme

 Details of upcoming and past visits can be found on the National NPDE visitors calendar. Usually visitors to the Centre are asked to give talk(s) in one or both of our seminar series.

Visitors to the OxPDE Centre

Visitors wishing to come to the Centre should identify a Centre Member as a sponsor.

Archived Pre-prints


  • Ball, J.M.: Some open problems in elasticity, Geometry, mechanics, and dynamics, 3–59, Springer, New York (2002). Postscript file
  • Ball, J.M.: Singularities and computation of minimizers for variational problems, Foundations of Computational Mathematics conference (Oxford 1999), London Math. Soc. Lecture Note Ser. 284, Cambridge University Press (2001). Postscript file


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