Calculus of Variations

The questions of existence and regularity for minimizers of variational integrals lead in the vectorial multi-dimensional case to the introduction of various notions of convexity, notably rank-one convexity, quasiconvexity and polyconvexity.

While not apparent at the outset these notions turn out to play a role in a much wider context, and appear for instance naturally in the study of PDEs when the so-called weak convergence methods are applied and also in many fundamental problems that involve integral estimates of derivatives of  mappings.



Research areas

The centre focuses on the fundamental analysis of PDEs, and numerical algorithms for their solution, together with specific PDEs arising in wide-ranging areas.

Research interests include:

Modern Topics in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: Oxbridge PDE Days

Thursday 14 & Friday 15 March 2013, held at the Mathematical Institute, Lecture Room 1, Oxford

The OxPDE Centre is pleased to host the third Oxbridge PDE Days which focuses on analysis and PDEs.


Tuomo Valkonen, University of Cambridge

A Discontinuous Transport Equation for Imaging Applications

OxPDE Scientific Steering Committee

Scientific Steering Committee

The Steering Committe provide guidance and oversight on the scientific direction of the Centre. They ensure that the activities of the Centre are in line with its key objective to provide a sharper focus for, and increase capacity in, the fundamental research in nonlinear PDE within the UK.

The committee meet annually.


Centre Management

Management Team

The management team oversees various administrative aspects of the Centre including the events and visitor programme and allocation of finances.

The Management team meet in a committee every two weeks. Professor John Ball is responsible to the management committee for scientific direction of the Centre.


OxPDE Lecture Notes

Members of OxPDE often give graduate short courses and lectures. This page has been introduced as a means to capture this material and to share with a wider audience.


OxPDE L 16/01 - Lectures on elliptic methods for hybrid inverse problems by Giovanni S Alberti and Yves Capdeboscq


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