Procedure for Complaints on Academic Matters

The University, The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division and the Mathematical Institute all hope that suitable provision is made for students at all stages of their programme of study, so making the need for complaint (about that provision) or appeal (against the outcome of any form of assessment) infrequent.

However all those concerned believe that it is important for students to know that they may raise concerns or make a complaint or appeal.

Travel Abroad

Members of the Institute who wish to travel abroad for research purposes, or have a visitor from abroad, should consult the appropriate pages from the list below for sources of funding:

EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships (for start 2009)

EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships (for start 2009)

We welcome applications from postdoctoral fellows, funded for example by EPSRC, who wish to come to study in Oxford. Members of the Institute are also prepared to "sponsor" applications for EPSRC Postdoc Fellowships. Please contact the Research Facilitator if you are intending to applying for an EPSRC Postdoc Fellowship to commence in October 2009. Note that our internal deadline for considering sponsoring these applications is the start of August 2008.


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