Oxford Mathematician Heather Harrington awarded Whitehead Prize

Oxford Mathematician Heather Harrington has been awarded a Whitehead Prize by the London Mathematical Society (LMS) for her outstanding contributions to mathematical biology which have generated new biological insights using novel applications of topological and algebraic techniques. 

What is Representation Theory and how is it used? Oxford Mathematics Research investigates

Oxford Mathematician Karin Erdmann specializes in the areas of algebra known as representation theory (especially modular representation theory) and homological algebra (especially Hochschild cohomology). Here she discusses her latest work.

Tinkering with postulates. How some mathematics is now redundant. Or is it?

At the beginning of the twentieth century, some minor algebraic investigations grabbed the interest of a small group of American mathematicians.  The problems they worked on had little impact at the time, but they may nevertheless have had a subtle effect on the way in which mathematics has been taught over the past century.


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