Please use the form below to indicate which units you are intending to take from the schedule of courses offered as part of the Masters Course in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics. Please also indicate what your primary area of interest is; this information will be used to assign you a supervisor.  

When selecting your courses please be aware of the following requirements. You are required to undertake 10 units, with 1 unit corresponding to 16 hours of lectures. This means that 16-hour lecture courses count as one unit, while, for example, 24-hour lecture courses count as 1.5 units. More specifically you are required to offer:

(a) four units that are assessed by written invigilated exams,
(b) three units that are assessed by written invigilated exams or in other ways,
(c) three other units (which may be from courses with homework completion requirement only or from assessed courses),

One or two of the 10 units (b), (c) can be replaced by a dissertation.

You may register for more than 10 units; please make sure you select all of the courses you would like to register for before submitting your form.

Michaelmas Term
Hilary Term
Trinity Term
Primary Area of Interest
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