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Departmental Prospectus for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Oxford

MAT livestream

Mathematics at University

Find out whether you want to study maths at university by learning more about our research and how maths at university differs from maths at school.

Why Oxford?

If you’re convinced that maths is the subject for you, but aren’t sure you want to study at Oxford, take a look at “Why Oxford?”.

Which Course?

See which of our four undergraduate degrees (Mathematics, Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Computer Science) interests you the most.

Which College?

A guide to the colleges that offer Mathematics or joint honours degrees at Oxford.

Undergraduate Open Days

There are two Departmental Open Days for prospective undergraduates each year. The Mathematical Institute also runs a programme of talks during the three University Open Days.

Financial Support

A brief overview of the kinds of financial support you can receive whilst being a student at the University of Oxford.

Women at Oxford

Find out about the brilliant mathematicians we have in our department, as well as our ongoing initiatives to increase the number of women in mathematics.


An insight into the careers available to you, and the support Oxford University can offer to help you make the most of your degree.

How to Apply

A guide to the application process for applicants, as well as key dates.

Maths Admissions Test

Past papers, solutions, and information about how to register for the MAT.


A guide to interviews for Maths and its joint schools at Oxford University.

Our Offer

A guide to the conditional offers made by our department for all undergraduate courses.