PROMYS Europe is a mathematics summer programme to encourage mathematically ambitious students aged 16+ to explore the creative world of mathematics. Participants (who come from across Europe) tackle fundamental mathematical questions within a richly stimulating and supportive community of fellow first-year students, returning students, undergraduate counsellors, research mentors, faculty, and visiting mathematicians.  Past guest lecturers have included Professors Sir Andrew Wiles, Sir Roger Penrose, Ben Green, and Simon Singh.

This year, PROMYS is running as a 6-week program that anyone who is at least 16, pre-university, and ordinarily resident in Europe can apply for. The programme itself consists of intensive work on an assortment of challenging problems in Number Theory, with support and collaboration with mentors, returning students, and with undergraduate counsellors. The application process involves some tricky maths problems, which are worth having a go at just for fun, whether or not you decide to apply for the programme. Applications open in January each year; see the PROMYS Europe website for more information and links. PROMYS Europe is a partnership of PROMYS, Wadham College and the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford, and the Clay Mathematics Institute.

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