Supporting Mathematics at Oxford

The strength and reputation of Oxford Mathematics have never been greater. Our new Mathematical Institute is one of the great cross-roads of world mathematics, and the excitement of this extraordinary moment in our history pervades everything that we do, inspiring everyone from the newly-arrived first year students to the most seasoned researchers. Our student community is thriving with a new sense of cohesion in the Andrew Wiles Building which provides them with enticing spaces to linger, collaborate and absorb the continua of mathematical life around them.

In such exciting times, we are keen to draw the extended family of Oxford Mathematics, particularly our alumni and friends, more closely into the life of the Institute and involve you more directly in our plans for the future. Although full of potential, that future is subject to threats from many directions, and the supply of resources needed to secure it is increasingly uncertain. The future of our subject rests ultimately on the shoulders of our youngest researchers, the graduate students whose energy and fresh ideas generate the mathematics of tomorrow. These young people are not well served by current funding bodies, and all too often we struggle to provide sufficient support in a world where international competition is fierce. We cannot afford to lose them.

To achieve that goal, we have recently set  up the Oxford Mathematical Institute Fund (OMIF), a fund dedicated to providing scholarships that will attract, support and retain the very best graduate students, regardless of origin. Last year we were able to offer a number of scholarships from OMIF, but with your help we can do much more. Your donation will enable Oxford Mathematics to remain at the forefront of international research. As importantly, you will be contributing to the development of mathematics itself, the cornerstone of so much of the modern world. We hope very much that you can support us.

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