MAT Livestream 2023 www.maths.ox.ac.uk/r/matlive
The MAT livestream is a weekly online event talking about maths problems and discussing problem-solving strategies.
Four participants at It All Adds Up working on maths problems
It All Adds Up: three separate one-day conferences for female and non-binary pupils interested in maths, with workshops and talks to inspire students.
Problem Solving Matters is a course for Year 12 students to get mentoring support as they prepare for Mathematics at university.
These highly interactive sessions introduce students to aspects or applications of maths which are not usually covered in the school curriculum.
PROMYS Europe is a mathematics summer programme to encourage mathematically ambitious students aged 16+ to explore the creative world of mathematics.
Welcome desk at an Open Day
There are two Departmental Open Days for prospective undergraduates each year. The Mathematical Institute also runs a programme of talks during the three University Open Days.
Below are listed upcoming public lectures and events at the Mathematical Institute. Click through into this section for a more detailed listing of all such events and also links to some public lectures online.
The Oxford Mathematics Alphabet is an outreach project showcasing the amazing and wonderful research going on at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.
From Oxford mathematicians to the Oxford Mathematics Alphabet we hope these posters will inspire you and your students and brighten up your classroom walls.
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