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Past events in this series
Dr Vicky Neale and Dr Richard Earl

The last Fridays@2 of the year will be the Prelims Preparation Lecture aimed at first-year undergraduates. Richard Earl and Vicky Neale will highlight some key points to be aware of as you prepare for exams, thinking both about exam technique and revision strategy, and a student will offer some tips from their personal experience.  This will complement the Friday@2 event in Week 2, on Managing exam anxiety.  As part of the Prelims Preparation session, we'll look through two past exam questions, giving tips on how to structure a good answer.  You'll find that most helpful if you've worked through the questions yourself beforehand, so this is advance notice so that you can slot the questions into your timetable for the next few days.  They are both from 2013, one is Q5 from Maths I (on the Groups and Group Actions course), and the other is Q3 from Maths IV (on the Dynamics course).  You can access these, and a large collection of other past Prelims exam questions, via the archive.

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