Fridays@2 is a series of weekly seminars run during term time. The programme is designed specifically for undergraduate and masters students. The sessions are designed to help students to develop useful skills, to explore career possibilities, and to put their mathematics courses into a broader context. The sessions will run every Friday during term time at 14:00-15:00 in L1, followed by tea and biscuits in the South Mezzanine.

The Fridays@2 timetable can be found here.

The slides, recordings or handouts for each session will be posted below after each session.

Michaelmas term 2019  

Week 1: Making the most of intercollegiate classes


Office presentation icon Slides

Week 2: What makes a good maths solution?

Office presentation icon Slides

PDF icon Problems and Sample Solutions

PDF icon How to Write Mathematics - Kevin Houston

Week 3: Where does collaborating end and plagiarising begin?

PDF icon Slides

Week 4: Banish imposter feelings (and trust you belong!)


Week 5: Panel discussion - What is it like to do a PhD/do research/

be an academic in mathematics?


Week 6: Mathematics: the past, present and future

“Infecting by Numbers” - Professor Christl Donnelly

Week 7: Dissertation: presenting a thesis

PDF icon Slides

PDF icon Slides - Stats Dissertations


Week 8: Working together: end-of-term mathematical board games  


Hilary term 2020  
Week 1: Managing Workload                                                                     
Week 2: Applying a mathematician's mindset beyond mathematics


Week 3: Mathematics: the past, present and future  

Week 4: Studying Independently 

File Studying_independently_HT20.pptx
Week 5: Telling a mathematical story

PDF icon Telling_a_mathematical_story_v3.pdf

Week 6: Careers CANCELLED


Week 7: Communicating Mathematics to Non-Specialists

Week 8: The Big Mathematical Quiz of the Year  


Trinity term 2020  
Week 3: Finals Forum  
Week 4: Prelims Preparation