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Maths Week England

We're taking part in Maths Week England, the largest national maths festival in the world.

Live session

We're excited to present a one-off livestreamed session called Pascal's Triangle with Dr James Munro. It's aimed at post-16 students, but children or adults whose age plus enthusiasm exceeds 16 are also welcome. The interactive session will focus on inventing and discovering mathematics, and we'll be particularly interested in looking for patterns... or the lack of patterns.

Time: 11:00–11:45 on Friday 18 November 2022


A triangle made of triangles, some zeros and ones, some black and white squares, some numbers from Pascal's triangle.



Please register to attend with this short webform; register here.

This event is free to attend.

See the Maths Week England website to sign-up for more activities.

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