How to Apply

1. Choose a course

First, consider which course you'd like to study. Oxford offers three different  undergraduate degree courses on UCAS that include Mathematics (Which Course?);

  • Mathematics / Mathematics & Statistics
  • Mathematics & Philosophy
  • Mathematics & Computer Science

Note that admissions for Mathematics / Mathematics & Statistics are considered together, and these courses share the same first year. Students will choose which course to continue with at the end of their fourth term.

2. Choose a college (or don't!)

There are 29 Oxford colleges that accept undergraduates for Mathematics, and most accept undergraduates for the joint honours courses (Which College?).

You don't have to choose a college; you can make an open application, in which case you will be allocated to a college that offers your chosen course. Your application will then be treated exactly as if you'd applied to that college. There is no admissions advantage or disadvantage to making an open application, and the tutors considering your application won't even be able to tell that you made an open application.

3. Register for the Maths Admissions Test

You'll sit the MAT at an authorised test centre. For most candidates, this test centre will be your school or college.

The deadline to register for the MAT is 29 September 2023.

4. Make an application through UCAS

We take applications for all Oxford undergraduate courses through UCAS. You'll need to make an account on the UCAS website, and fill in details of your academic history. This is also where you submit your personal statement, which is an opportunity for you to explain to universities why you have the potential to succeed on our course. For advice on filling in your UCAS form, see the UCAS website.

You will also be asked to nominate a UCAS referee; someone who knows you academically and can comment on your suitability for higher education. If you're applying through a school or sixth-form college, they will arrange a reference, and you don't need to do anything for it. If you're applying without the support of a school, see the advice on the UCAS website on nominating a referee.

The deadline for submitting your completed UCAS application (including reference) is 6pm BST on 16 October. Late applications cannot be accepted. Please note that your school or college might have an earlier internal deadline to allow time for your teachers to write your reference.

Key dates for 2024 entry

29 September 2023: Registration deadline for the MAT.

16 October 2023, 6pm BST: Deadline for UCAS applications through the UCAS Apply website (you can start your application from June). Please note that your school or college may have an earlier internal deadline, so that your teachers have time to write your reference.

19 October 2023: Applicants sit the MAT.

Early December: Shortlisted candidates are interviewed. Most first and second college interviews will take place on Monday 11, Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13, and Thursday 14 December, although some interviews will take place in the week commencing Monday 4 December.

January: Candidates receive letters informing them whether they have been given an offer or not.


All applicants for Mathematics at Oxford are expected to sit our Mathematics Admissions Test. The next page has details of the format and syllabus of the test, as well as information to help you prepare.

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