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Which Course?

The University of Oxford offers undergraduate degree courses in Mathematics, Mathematics & Statistics, Mathematics & Philosophy, and Mathematics & Computer Science.

Note that when applying on UCAS, Mathematics / Mathematics & Statistics are listed together (with one UCAS code). This is because the first year of the course is the same for both degree courses, with students choosing later on whether to continue with Mathematics or with Mathematics & Statistics. Candidates are considered as a gathered field, and do not need to express any preference for either degree course during the application process.

MSc in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics

This Mathematical and Theoretical Physics course is a fourth-year stream; you cannot apply for it as an undergraduate, but if you study Mathematics or Physics then you can apply for this fourth-year course at the beginning of your third year. Find out more on the course page.

Oxford offers many other undergraduate courses. You can find a full list here; courses offered by Oxford.


All undergraduates at Oxford are members of a college as well as members of the University. Applicants can name up to one preference for their college when they apply. Find out more about the 29 colleges that take Mathematics students on the next page.

Bridge of Sighs, Hertford College, Oxford
A guide to the colleges that offer Mathematics or joint honours degrees at Oxford.
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