Barry Chandler


Barry spent 3 years at Pembroke, with Ian Grant as his tutor.

What do you do now?
I've been 'retired' since 2003, though even more work is involved in retirement. Recent activities include editing the British Go Journal #140-150, then building a Passiv Haus extension to a listed building in North Shropshire.
What success in your life are you most proud of?
My children. Both have degrees, ICL and Southampton. This House, if it ever gets finished.

What has been your biggest career challenge so far?
The transitions from Corporate Slave, then Self-Employed, and into fairly early retirement at 48.
How much maths is there in your day job?  
Quite a lot! I'm retired, though I'm the "Design Authority" on our build project (we fired the architects several years ago). A few years ago I needed to instruct a Chartered Engineer that his computer was wrong! So he went back to paper, and then told the computer how to make the drawings for the steel fixers.
What do you like/miss/remember most about Oxford Mathematics?
The early days of Maths club, meeting in the old library at Pembroke to socialise/play games. It's now the Invariants, I'm still on that e-mail list. And the Punting.  
Are there things you find frustrating about your work/life balance?
Sometimes I have to get up before 10:00!  And remember to stop playing online Bridge at 02:00.