Junior Applied Mathematics Seminar

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23 January 2018
Helen Fletcher

We are all familiar with the need for continuum mechanics-based models in physical applications. In this case, we are interested in large-scale water-wave problems, such as coastal flows and dam breaks.
When modelling these problems, we inevitably wish to solve them on a finite domain, and require boundary conditions to do so. Ideally, we would recreate the semi-infinite nature of a coastline by allowing any generated waves to flow out of the domain, as opposed to them reflecting off the far-field boundary and disrupting the remainder of our simulation. However, applying an appropriate boundary condition is not as straightforward as we might think.
In this talk, we aim to evaluate alternatives to so-called 'active boundary condition' absorption. We will derive a toy model of a shallow-water wavetank, and consider the implementation and efficacy of two 'passive' absorption techniques.

  • Junior Applied Mathematics Seminar
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