Mathematical and Computational Finance internal seminar

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Past events in this series
7 November 2019
Oleksii Mostovyi

First, we will give a brief overview of the asymptotic analysis results in the context of optimal investment. Then, we will focus on the sensitivity of the expected utility maximization problem in a continuous semimartingale market with respect to small changes in the market price of risk. Assuming that the preferences of a rational economic agent are modeled by a general utility function, we obtain a second-order expansion of the value function, a first-order approximation of the terminal wealth, and construct trading strategies that match the indirect utility function up to the second order. If a risk-tolerance wealth process exists, using it as numeraire and under an appropriate change of measure, we reduce the approximation problem to a Kunita–Watanabe decomposition. Then we discuss possible extensions and special situations, in particular, the power utility case and models that admit closed-form solutions. The central part of this talk is based on the joint work with Mihai Sirbu.

  • Mathematical and Computational Finance internal seminar
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