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Thu, 20 Jul 2023 09:00 -
Fri, 21 Jul 2023 18:00
Lecture Theatre 1


Further Information

We will be celebrating the discovery of 'The Hat', a tile which tiles only aperiodically, on the 20th and 21st July in Oxford University's Mathematical Institute.

Confirmed speakers include Prof. Sir Roger Penrose (Oxford), Prof. Rachel Greenfeld (Institute for Advanced Study), Prof. Jarkko Kari (Turku), Prof. Natalie Priebe-Frank (Vassar), Prof. Lorenzo Sadun (UT Austin), Prof. Marjorie Senechal (Smith College), and the authors of The Hat pre-print. There will be space for a small number of contributed talks.

The first day will consist of talks accessible to the public, ending in a panel discussion between the speakers, chaired by Dr Henna Koivusalo (Bristol). The second day will be colloquium-style talks aimed at the broadest possible audience of mathematicians and physicists. There will also be exhibits by a number of invited artists, and activities related to aperiodic tilings.

The event is free and open to the public. There will be funding available to cover the travel and accommodation costs of PhD students, Postdocs, and Early Career Researchers, courtesy of the Institute of Physics' Theory of Condensed Matter group and the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research.

To register please visit the dedicated website

For more information please contact the organisers: Felix Flicker (@email), Nick Jones (@email), Henna Koivusalo (@email), and Mike Whittaker (@email).

This will be the second meeting of The Grimm Network, a regular series of workshops held in memory of Prof. Uwe Grimm. The first event will be on the 18th July at the Open University (UK). It is also free to attend, with accessible talks aimed at building connections across a broad range of disciplines. Speakers will include Profs. Michael Baake and Franz Gähler (Bielefeld), and Maciej Koch-Janusz (details in link above).